H2 Fitness


We all want to look amazing but how about life-long health?


H2 Fitness performs one-on-one personal training sessions out of your own home or office gym. H2 Fitness will bring you all the tools you need at each session, so there’s no need to make additional purchases of exercise equipment. If you prefer, the outdoors can provide you with an unmatched training environment. Utilizing public parks and playgrounds, encourages fun with fitness.


Train when it is convenient for you in a comfortable, private environment.


With no overhead of owning a gym, we pass the savings on to you, offering reasonable hourly session rates and discounted monthly memberships with several payment options to best fit your needs.

H2 Fitness is proud to be a part of your community and is ready to help your health and fitness goals come true. Owner, Holly Hobson, helps educate clients on life-long healthy nutritional choices that coordinate with their fitness goals. Our focus of integrating fitness into your daily life makes your weight loss goals become a reality. We customize each workout for every client for the best results possible. Incorporating circuits, intervals and plyometrics while emphasizing flexibility helps create the body and performance you are looking for. The use of natural movement helps put focus first on structural stability and function. It is effective total body training good for everyone. Human beings have a natural ability to walk, run, jump, balance, crawl, climb and swim. We can also manipulate things with movements like lifting, carrying, throwing and catching. Training the full range of natural human movement abilities is what we do every day.

We help all our clients feel good for life so that they too can make every breath count.

Get Started Right Now!

So if you are ready to make some changes, are tired of paying for gym memberships you never use, and you realize you are worth it, it’s time to call H2 Fitness.